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90  to 100  is a winning 'Core Web Vitals' score

This strongly affects your search ranking

We guarantee*  your new site will score90or better

( This means users will your fast mobile website )

* If we fail, you pay nothing

IMPORTANT: Embedded YouTube videos and other third party code or content can significantly lower your Core Web Vitals score. This is beyond our control and thus not guaranteed.

Also, since we don't know how Google might evolve, this guarantee applies to the day of delivery.

FASTwebsites we built:

You Need

You Don't

Starting at $2,000

We do NOT promise higher rankings in Google search results, because there are too many factors out of our control.

We DO promise your mobile-first website will be optimized for speed and ease of use, so customers can quickly find and consume what they're looking for.

The objective way we measure how well your website performs is the 'Core Web Vitals' score on Google's PageSpeed Insights.

Beginning May 2021, this DOES affect your ranking in search results.

Think of it like this: If you had two otherwise identical pages that exist, but one takes twice as long to render and paint, which one would you rather use? The faster one, right?”

From Google Search Central's video:

How to improve Largest Contentful Paint for a better page experience

Our process

Fill-out our Get started form, so we can learn about your website and prepare for a quick discussion, at your convenience.

Or, if you have questions or would rather talk first, just contact us.

First, we carefully read everything above and study your existing website.

Next, we arrange a time for a brief telephone call, so we can get to know one another a bit (and also to ask & answer any questions).

Then, if we are a good fit and are confident we can successfully help you reach your goals, we'll send a clearly written proposal with specific pricing and timelines.

Our proposals are firm for 10 days, so you don't feel rushed to make a decision.

Escrow $$
( don't worry - we pay all the fees )

When you are ready, we ask that you pay the entire project fee to a reputable escrow service.

Cole House does not receive any money at this time.

The escrow service collects and holds the funds until a project is completed.

This protects both parties by making sure:

  • Clients are committed to the project and have no funding issues; and
  • Cole House successfully completes your project, as promised

If we fail to deliver our promised Google 'Core Web Vitals' score of 90 or better, you get all your money back and pay nothing (you can't use our code though).

Are we a good fit?

We do not work on BS that's bad for people, ever.

Examples include tobacco, spam, questionable investment or marketing schemes, etc.

If you have to wonder about falling into that category, you probably do, so please move-on.

I'm no saint, but I'm not going to devote time, skill or talent to advancing a bad cause.


We generally charge by the project, starting at $2,000.

It's not cheap, but it can be a smart investment that pays-off for years.

We invest time upfront, to understand your goals and plan what will be needed in order to meet or exceed them. We price each project accordingly.

If we estimate incorrectly, that's our responsibility and won't cost you extra.

However, if the project grows or changes significantly, that's the client's responsibility and the pricing will change accordingly.

Big picture

We give and expect these every single day: kindness, honesty & clear communication.

Our goal is to deliver great work that helps make our clients successful and happy.

Sound good?

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