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Imagine ...

Imagine if your website loaded almost instantly (even on mobile) and looked great on any device.

And if users could easily read text that automatically adjusts to the right size for their device.

How much more successful could your business be?

Let's find out…

Unlike many web development firms,
 Cole House builds websites from the ground up.

We avoid shortcuts that hurt performance.

We don't use paint-by-number templates or flashy (slow) technologies.

We do the hard work of writing clean, fast, mobile-friendly code.

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My name is Mark Gavagan. I founded Cole House in 2003.

I didn't study design or computer science in college.

I learned through classes, research & experience.

I've become a bit of an expert in a few key areas, including what's offered on this site.

A quick story:

The last weekend of September, I was in Seattle with my daughters to visit the University of Washington.

It was early Saturday morning and we had about 40 minutes until dahlia bakery opened, so we decided to walk towards the Space Needle.

Mark Gavagan black & white headshot photo

Along the way, a portly man about my age stood uneasily in a doorway.

He seemed to be homeless and his filthy clothes were ill-fitting.

In fact, the waist of his pants was easily eight inches too large.

He was holding his pants up with his right hand. If he let go, they would drop right to the ground.

While passing by, I thought how terrible this must be for him.

So I took off my belt and offered it to him as a gift, saying “Do you want a belt, to hold your pants up?”

He looked at my belt and said “Not that one.”

( $25 off your website if you mention this story, because it always makes me smile. Make sure to mention it AFTER you receive a quote, so you know you really get the $25. )

Even if you have no intention of hiring us, see how sees your site:

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After a minute of so, you'll see a score between 0 and 100.

90 or higher means you're in good shape!

Otherwise, we can help…

Your super fast mobile website is within reach!

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