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Why does payment for the full project amount go into an escrow service, upfront?

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First, clients know Cole House will not receive a penny until all promised work has been delivered. This means we are incentivized to do what we say we're going to do, without delay.

Second, it clarifies client's committed to the project.

And third, Cole House knows the client won't have any issues funding the project.

Will performance vary based on which hosting service I use.

Yes, hosting* can definitly impact performance.

* "hosting" means storing web content on server(s) and delivering the content to users when called to do so.

Some website hosting services are fast and efficient, while others are less so.

That's partly why our customer agreement specifies performance will be measured for the code we deliver via our* hosting service.

* Other services might be just as good (or maybe even better), but we can't control how well or poorly a hosting company will perform.

We use Siteground (affiliate link), which is built on the fast and reliable Google Cloud infrastructure. Note: As of this writing, we do not have any experience with their WordPress hosting and thus cannot endorse it.

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