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First, we carefully read all of your answers and evaluate your existing website.

Next, we arrange a time for a brief telephone call, so we can get to know one another a bit and ask or answer any questions.

Then, if we are a good fit and feel confident we can help you succeed and reach your goals, we'll send a clearly written proposal with specific pricing and timelines.

Our proposals are firm* for 10 days, so you don't feel rushed to make a decision.

*Timing is not firm - if another client books, your site will be delayed

When you are ready, pay the entire project fee to a reputable escrow service.

Cole House does not receive any money at this time.

The escrow service collects and holds the funds until a project is completed.

This protects both parties by making sure:

  • Clients are committed to the project and have no funding issues; and
  • Cole House successfully completes your project, as promised

If we fail to deliver our promised Google 'Core Web Vitals' score of 90 or better, you get all your money back and pay nothing*

*In this unlikely scenario, you can't use any of our code


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